Little Knights Learning Center


Demand Exceeds Supply

Little Knight’s safe, affordable and high-quality child care — for kids 6 weeks to 12 years old — is in high demand. The center opened in 2018 and has been at capacity (69 children) almost from the beginning.


The Need Impacts All of Us

The availability of quality child care influences parents’ career decisions. For the sustainability and growth of Dysart and its businesses, meeting the need for child care is critical.


An Opportunity for Our Future

Expansion of Little Knights presents a big opportunity for our little town. It will take a broad commitment to provide Dysart children with a safe place to learn, play and grow. Will you help?

Why Do This?

Little Knights Learning Center has leased space inside Dysart-Geneseo Elementary School in the Union Community School District. Thanks in part to the success of Little Knights, school enrollment has grown and the district needs to reclaim the space.
Like the child who outgrows shoes every season, Little Knights has quickly outgrown its space in the school. It has only three classrooms, a small office and a makeshift laundry. Before- and after-school programs have to be held in the school’s cafeteria.
Because of this lack of space, daily meals for the children are prepared off-site and delivered to the school. Little Knights staff work hard to meet the nutritional needs of their children and could do even more with an on-site kitchen.
Without Little Knights’ quality child care, Dysart families would have to find care in other communities. That creates connections that may be hard to break and could hurt the school district’s enrollment. Dysart’s future truly depends on today’s children getting the care they need close to home.

Give Our Little Town a Chance to Have a Big Future

The Today’s Children, Tomorrow’s Dysart campaign will build a new, larger space that makes quality child care available to more local families and positions Dysart as an even more attractive place to call home.

The path to sustainability and growth for Dysart begins with Little Knights Learning Center. Watch the video to see why some recognizable faces from around town believe it’s a “selling point for our town.”


Our Goal

$1.4 Million for a New Facility

Your donation will help this campaign construct a new building designed to DHS guidelines and with more space. That means care for more Dysart children and more space for life’s first lessons.

The new center is conveniently located within the same block as Dysart-Geneseo Elementary School, just steps away for the current location. Plus, the Union Middle School is close by. For our families with school-age children, that means drop-off and pickup are easy and convenient.

Building a Safe Space Where Children Can Thrive

The new Little Knights Learning Center will increase the day care’s capacity to 85 children. The center opened in 2018 with 48 children and within just months was nearly at capacity.

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Featuring five spacious classrooms designed to DHS guidelines, children will be grouped for age-appropriate care. This includes dedicated space for the before- and after-school program.

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Play time is time well spent for young children, and the new facility includes playgrounds for all ages. Children learn through play! Plus, movement, fresh air and exercise is good for growing strong, healthy bodies.

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Foundational improvements with the new facility include a full kitchen, child-friendly restrooms, laundry space, storage and a director’s office. The on-site kitchen will be especially convenient for serving hot meals to the children.

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  • Sarah Gingrich

    “The kids are the future of Dysart, and if we don’t have kids here, we don’t have a future Dysart.”

    Sarah Gingrich, parent & business owner
  • Tim Glenn

    “[Expansion of Little Knights] is absolutely a way for Dysart to grow.”

    Tim Glenn, mayor
  • Travis Fleshner

    “Early childhood education is absolutely critical in a child’s development.”

    Travis Fleshner, Union Schools superintendent
  • Reece Petersen

    “Little Knights Learning Center is probably the No. 1 most important thing to the future of Dysart, keeping the young families around and giving that opportunity for young families to want to move in.”

    Reece Petersen, parent

Ways You Can Help

Gifts of Grain & Other Options

  • Gifts may be made in cash or securities.
  • Gifts may include bequests, real estate, life insurance and personal property, including grain.
  • Matching gifts through your employer or your spouse’s employer may double or triple your gift.
  • Pledges are encouraged and may be extended up to three years. A reminder will be mailed to you.
  • Your gift may be made in honor of or in memory of someone. A letter recognizing your gift will be mailed to the person you are honoring or the family of the person you are memorializing.
  • Gifts to this campaign are tax-deductible.